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I’ve always been fascinated by Mr. Hogan and his clubs, my first set was a Ben Hogan 1984 Apex PC and that started my passion for his forged iron sets and Persimmon Woods. In 1988 I changed to the Apex Redline and soon after to the Apex Grind, two of the finest sets I’ve ever played. When I started collecting Ben Hogan Iron Sets finding them on eBay and having them restored, I discovered that I was not the only one with this passion.

There are quite a few very knowledgeable people out there who knows much more about Ben Hogan’s work than I do, and those are only the ones I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with. Surely there must be many others that share our passion and could be interested in sharing their collection and knowledge about Ben Hogan with the rest of the World ?

I’d like if we together could make this a meeting place for Ben Hogan’ers where we can post and share our Ben Hogan clubs and exchange know-how and perhaps also buy and sell from each other .

By now I have approximately all (40 different set ) of Ben Hogan’s Iron Sets from Precision 1955 to the Apex 1999 that to many Ben Hogan fans is the last “Original” Ben Hogan Iron Set made, even though the Mould for these Blades was forged in Japan.

Please reach out if you have anything to contribute with relating to the original Ben Hogan Company products.

Thanks for stopping by

Henrik Bech