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Ben Hogan 1954/55 Precision "Experimental" Iron Set 2/9 - Heads Refurbished w/Original Shafts and Grips

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These clubs are very rare and belongs in Museum, well at least some of them does, but only the true Ben Hogan Connaisseur would know and appreciate the value.
Ben Hogan 1954/55 Experimental Compilation Set 2/9.

This is a rare compilation of the Ben Hogan Precision "Experimental" Irons estimated to be from1953 or 1955 because of the variations of the irons of this Experimental set. Shafts are the original True Temper Rocket Shafts with Original Leather Wrap Grips.

Please look closely and notice the difference between the two iron heads pictured together - the 9 iron is the first original design that was rejected by Mr. Hogan, how the previous owner got his hands on that is a mystery to me because officially they were all destroyed on Mr. Hogan order. Also notice the long Hosel on the 5 iron ( normal grooves ) that was the early 1955 design that eventually was replaced with the shorter Hosel 1956 Precision iron that a normal Pro could actually get airborne...onlý Mr Hogan could fly the Long Hosel irons. So this set has a 1953/54 "Fantom" 9 Experimental iron, a '55 5 early Long Hosel iron and the rest are ´55 Experimental - all with boxed Grooves.

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