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Ben Hogan Vintage Iron Set 1/E and Sand Iron 1964 PT III - # 53

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1964 PT III Ben Hogan Golf Iron Set 1/E + Sand Iron . PT III was actually the 5th Edition of the Power Thrust series of BH Forged Blade Irons that first were introduced in 1960, '61 and '62 as just Power Thrust then in 1963 came the IPT "Improved Power Thrust" and in 1964 this PT III.

These Irons have been restored and adjusted back to original Ben Hogan Company specs. As you can see the restoration has been very successful and this set just look like it came directly from the Ben Hogan Company in Ft. Worth, TX back in the days.

This set includes the very rare PT III 1 iron ( with original Red Lined Grip ) and rest of set has the Blue Lined Grips. Also included is the special Sand Iron that was made only as Custom Order back then - very rare too.

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